How to purchase if you live outside of Japan

Since the website is intended for people living in Japan, please make some tentative entries.
① Select a product from the online shop and add it to your cart.
② On the payment page “Details of billing information/請求先情報の詳細”, enter the first name in “Last name” and the last name in “First name”.
③ Only Japanese addresses can be registered in “Country or Region”. Therefore, please enter our store information as dummy information. Enter 142-0062 for the “Zip Code/郵便番号” and 2-14-3 for the “Address/番地”.
④ Enter your phone number in “Telephone” and your email address in “Email address”.
⑤ Please uncheck “Do you want to deliver to another address?/別の住所へ配送しますか?”.
⑥ Please write your address accurately in the “Order Memo/注文メモ”.
⑦ For the payment method, temporarily select “Bank transfer/銀行振込”. Actually, you will be asked to make a card payment based on the invoice issued by our shop as follows.
⑧ Check “I have read and agreed to the terms of use of the site/サイトの利用規約を読んで同意しました” and then click the black square button “Order/注文する” to complete the order.

<Actual payment method>
Based on your order, we will send you an invoice using a payment system called Square in your email. The invoice includes the product price, Japanese consumption tax, and shipping charges.
⑨ Please check the contents of the invoice and complete the card payment procedure.
If we can confirm the payment, it will be shipped.
Once shipped, we will email you the tracking number.
In your country, we do not bear customs costs. In addition, we are not responsible for loss during delivery.

Please note that due to COVID-19, international mail by air from Japan has been stopped in some areas. In such cases, delivery will be by sea and may take 3 to 4 weeks.

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